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John Berglund
18 Nov 2019

I love your service but there were 2 issues: One, it took two hours to run my check, and if that's going to happen I need be told in advance as I had a lot of work to do that I couldn't do. Second, when you delete my cookies you delete all my memory when I google addresses that otherwise automatically pop up, and now I have to go and look each up. You also did this last month. I understand it maybe needs be done once a year but every month creates issues. Still love your company


13 Nov 2019

Great Service! I appreciated the time they took to fix an issue that was holding me back from work. Tony my tech was so patient with me and guiding me through his process and fixed my issue. Thanks for your hard work.


Barbara Garcia-Romero
12 Nov 2019

Tony did a great job today and understood my problem and then fixed it. They were prompt with my appointment and I am very satisfied.


robert massa
11 Nov 2019

Good job


06 Nov 2019

great techs great service


05 Nov 2019

Great service.


Diana Bernard
05 Nov 2019

Nancy was very helpful and did a good job. Thank you.


Fred Edmunds
01 Nov 2019

Great job! I appreciate your reminders of your monthly maintenance times. I can tell by how my computer operates that you have tuned it up recently or it is time for another session. Thank you!


Mary A. Jenney
26 Oct 2019

Thank You for your quick service. Everyone is very understanding when I call with issues.


Cal Sieg
24 Oct 2019

Always dependable, trustworthy and helpful. Thanks for continued great service.

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