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Laptop repair has been a common problem, which has been faced by most of the professionals on a day to day basis since a laptop holds most of the critical information related to work. The laptop has been considered as an important gadget, which can prove to be fatal sometimes. Most of the today's professionals keep all their work related documents and personal documents in their service

computer and a single day of non-functioning laptop could ruin the whole day since people would go blank and could not perform even a single task. Laptop repair is supposedly done carefully in nature, as a minor error could result in data damage the data can be lost permanently.

There are different kinds of laptop computers and most of the laptops are similar to each other in terms of engineering. The configuration changes as per the laptop standards, manufacturers' standards and customer's requirements.

There are several ways to get your laptop repaired in shops and stores. Computer repair laptop is purely based on the nature of the issue. The laptop does not work because of various problems like a software problem, hardware problem, network problem and so on... A laptop repair can be done with the help of a remote Laptop repair services, but a hardware problem can be fixed only by visiting a laptop repair store or you can call a laptop repair store to hire a technician in person. A replacement of a hardware accessory is possible only with the help of a laptop repair technician, who can visit the customer's place or a customer can take the initiative and replace the hardware accessory with the help of a laptop repair phone support executive.

Some of the common issues, which are usually encountered in laptops on a regular basis

01 : Laptop is not turning on

Laptops are compact devices, which are made of sensitive and small accessories in a congested area. It is important to follow the basic steps before getting into a complicated set of steps to fix the laptop since some of the most common problems are being solved by fixing basic things in the computer laptop. Some of the common steps to perform a service repair laptop yourself.

  • Ensure to provide a proper power source, either by replacing the battery, power cable to check the actual problem. Try to turn on the laptop by removing the battery and the power cable, since it is important to burn out all the excess power charges in the flow. This helps in repairing power source to the computer.
  • Once you are done with the power source, check the laptop by connecting an external display, since it helps you to figure out the problem related to the laptop display. If you are able to turn on your computer with the help of an external display, then the problem lies with your display or the cable of the display.
  • Start your computer in a safe mode with networking, since it helps you to figure out the problems related to operating system. If there is a problem with the operating system, you can either re-install the operating system with the help of an OS DVD or fix it in the safe mode.

02 : Unable to use specific applications

Applications are being designed and programmed by many companies across the world and it is difficult to figure out the actual cause of the issue. Applications manufactured by Microsoft, adobe, Cisco and so on... are quite easier, since they would offer all kinds of services across the world. Some of the common steps taken into consideration to repair computers easily

  • Un-install and re-install the application
  • Check for the operating system requirements before installing the software, since some applications are not compatible with certain Operating systems and customers can find a different version to install the same.
  • Follow the instructions while installing the software all the way from the beginning, since an incorrect way of software installation could result in errors and may not function properly all the time
  • Check for firewall settings, as firewall blocks some software automatically. Ensure to allow work on the firewall settings before installing the software to have a smooth flow of software

03 : Accessories are not working

We have multiple options to choose a specific accessory for our needs. Some of the most common external accessories are Mouse, Printer, USB drive, External CD Drive and so on...It is very frustrating if customers are unable to make any of the accessories work. Ensure to follow some of the important steps to fix the accessory issue easily.

  • Insert the accessory by using a different slot, since the problem could occur because of the slot problem as well.
  • It is important to double check the accessory before concluding on the issue, hence try with a different accessory by connecting it to the laptop or connects your accessory to a different laptop to check the source of the problem. This helps you understand the issue precisely and lets you fix the problem.
  • Try checking your computer for connectivity issues, as some updates would be preventing from giving access to the accessories.
  • Know about your accessories well before connecting, since some laptops would not support some accessories because of various reasons.

04 : Laptop is functioning slowly

It is really frustrating to see your laptop functioning slowly since a fast working computer can finish the work on time and quickly. A laptop would usually be configured to make it work quickly for a longer period of time. Most of the user applications and files would be the cause of laptop's slow functionality. You can get your computer repaired all by yourself by following the below-mentioned steps

  • Try deleting all unwanted files from your computer
  • Try deleting temp files from your computer
  • Shift and balance files in the drives, since operating system drive or C drive would usually demand some amount of free space to function properly.
  • Clean your hard drive with the help of Operating options like Disk cleanup and disk fragmentation.
  • Increase RAM size, since RAM plays an important role in driving the pace of the laptop.
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All kinds of hardware concerns, be it a computer repair or a laptop repair – need excellent innovation and an equally strong emotional network which is able to offer technical support and render services at any given point of time. Rather than dragging your PC to a service centre, Newlite can conveniently access your system remotely, just with a few clicks and offer additional support over a phone call or text.

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Is a computer error stopping you from completing an urgent work assignment? Are you fed up of the slow speed of your PC?
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1 Year Technical Support for 1PC.

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Service Price

Is a computer error stopping you from completing an urgent work assignment? Are you fed up of the slow speed of your PC?
Select the service as per your need and leave the rest to us!

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Unlimited Technical Support

12 Monthly PC Check-ups.

1 Year Antivirus Protection for 1PC.

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1 Year Technical Support for 1PC.

12 Monthly PC Check-ups.

1 Year Antivirus Protection for 1PC.

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