10 Ways to Secure Your Laptop from Bugs

Your laptop is surely one of your most prized gadgets. Whether you are a blogger, an entrepreneur or a business executive you surely can’t do without one. Given its importance in your life you must secure it from bugs. As someone experienced in online laptop repair service I know that damage these bugs can cause you. This brings us to the most important question – how to ‘secure your laptop’. Well it isn’t tough and you may already know most of what I am about to tell but you just don’t follow them religiously. If you follow the best practices you can save yourself from lots of trouble. So here are 10 simple ways in which you can secure your laptop from bugs.

Update OS

Whether you run your laptop on Windows, Mac or Linux developers come up with regular updates to sure your interests. If your OS doesn’t update automatically you must install updates as soon as they are available. Most of these updates are security related and bug fixes and you must update them without fail.

Install Firewall

Your Operating System would come with a firewall which is good enough to prevent malware from making their way into your laptop. If you want an even stricter firewall there are many available either freely or at nominal cost and you should install them.

Install Anti-Virus

Like your firewalls an anti-virus program protects you from viruses, Trojans, key loggers and several other threats. Don’t trust free version of anti-virus programs as they only offer basic security and to secure your laptop completely you must use premium version of an anti-virus.

Use Licensed Tools

Lets state a fact, all of us have used pirated software at some point of time. These are often the biggest contributors of bugs and malware. If you want to secure your laptop get over the habit of using such software. There are open-source tools available for most uses and you must opt for these rather than using pirated ones.

Check .exe Files

When you browse the Internet you regularly come across download links which take you to .exe software. As a thumb rule you should avoid downloading any such software. And when you do download make sure you have verified the credentials of such programs.

Be Safe With External Media

Though you may no longer be running CDs and DVSs into your laptop you would definitely use a Flash Drive to transfer files. Make sure the Flash Drive is thoroughly scanned by your anti-virus program before you copy files to or from them.

Be Careful with Open Networks

Yes there are open Wi-Fi networks all around you and these are tempting as they promise high speed access to the Internet. You should avoid such networks whenever possible and if you are using them avoid carrying out any important tasks such as shopping and payment and avoid downloading any suggested software.

Browser Security Settings

Irrespective of the browser you are using they come with different levels of security and privacy settings. You must use the highest security settings to check bugs. If you can’t make sure you are doing so while browsing on open and unverified networks.

Avoid Visiting Suspect Websites

While there is no yardstick to separate a genuine website from a suspicion one as a regular Internet user you can easily identify them. Don’t click on suspicious links that come via email or social media. Modern anti-virus programs come with search protection feature and you must use them.

Backup Files & Data

Though it isn’t directly linked to securing your laptop from bugs it is definitely worth mentioning. You must regularly backup important files and data to prevent their loss. You can either do it on the cloud or an external media that automatically backs up important files and data.

Seek Help From Online Laptop Repair Service

If your laptop has been hit by a bug you should waste no time and immediately get in touch with an online laptop repair service company. They would not only repair your laptop but save you from serious losses that these bugs can inflict upon you. Always remember an infected laptop can cause you more harm than anything you can think of and hence take no chances.

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