Best Ways to Get Support for Printer Online

Printers are one of the most important IT peripherals at home and offices. No modern business can do without one and every home too has a printer in today’s world. If it starts malfunctioning or breaks down completely it can create serious problems for your business. If your printer has broken down you should seek support for printer your immediately. But what are the best ways to access online printer support? Let us find out –

When to Seek Help?

Before we move on to the core subject of our article let us understand when you need to seek support for printer. This is important given the fact that many of the problems if tackled in time will save you from complete breakdowns and expensive repairs. Here are some of the common problems you may encounter with your printer.

  • PC/Laptop unable to establish communication with printer
  • Printer making strange sounds while printing
  • You are getting error message or spotting warning lights
  • Ink spill inside printer and stained paper
  • Prints are blurry/faded or have lines in them
  • Printer functioning slower than normal speed
  • Regular paper jam in the printer

# Support from Manufacturer

Your printer’s manufacturer is ideally the first place you must seek help from. Reputable manufactures have detailed microsites or webpages related to your printer model.  You must start by identifying your problem. After then browse through their long list of solutions to find one that matches your needs. You can also call their support team and seek help for your problem. A support executive will guide you through the problem.

The Challenge – While most manufacturers do offer comprehensive tech support over phone, email and chat many of them restrict these services to the warranty period and beyond it you are on your own and have to search for solution from FAQs and other resources on their website.

# Support from Tech Forums

Next you can turn to the several tech forums where people post their problems and find quick answers from a large community spread around the globe. These forums are frequented by tech experts who guide other users with their problems. There is a competition on between tech experts solving these problems and you can benefit from this.

The Challenge – The biggest challenge here is to navigate through the dozens of forums and websites that claim to offer support to your problem. While you can post a query on any of the top forums you would get dozens of replies most of which are irrelevant to your problem. It becomes similar to finding a needle in a haystack.

# Seek Online Printer Support

Your last and perhaps the best option is to seek online printer support from reputable tech support companies. Since the core function of such companies is to offer quality tech support to their customers you can expect quick response, exactly based on the problem you make them aware of and full accountability. They would offer one-to-one support over phone or chat and shall close the job only when your problem has been resolved and your printer has been restored to normalcy.

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