Can’t open .exe file? Try this to fix corrupted files

You might wonder and often carried toward an event of frustration when you are unable to open some .exe. files. Often corrupted files are treated by professional remote pc support experts; the online computer repair have made it easier for people like us who are stuck in their busy. However, many individuals are seen crying out fix computer online over internet. The problem is not with your pc, it’s with the file. Before getting into complex offline online computer repair solutions try these fixes. So now more fix computer online frustration and save your pocket from expensive remote pc support.

Reason for unable to open exe file?

can't open exe file
can’t open exe file


The reason could be a bad software that you have installed conflicting with the operation of running .exe files, or a malicious software, or any other problem. The change in the COM files or batch causes the executable file to not start when you click the file. You will be asked to open the file with different programs which is not at all possible. Rather than frustrating fix computer online search run a scan with any reliable online computer repair service for remote PC support which will help you in finding the exact reason of corruption.


The first step could to change the registry to default using the command prompt. For some people this works only in safe mode, so don’t forget to do that as well. Sometimes the problem could be changed directory of program file; change it to default if by any chance you had done that. You could get the idea of any registry fix from reliable remote pc support service for fixing the issue as well.

Don’t get trapped in any fix computer online popup; always opt for reputed online computer repair service for the security purpose.

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