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  1. Thank you. I just received a phone call from a very nice gentleman asking whether I needed any assistance. I really appreciate this one one one effort on your part. I will have some questions for you. Thank you again. Toni

  2. If you ever need technical support I would highly recommend this Newlite Technical Services. Now I can continue to work and feel safe with what I post or look for on my computer.

  3. I love Newlite. Shivil is always prompt to return my call and fix my computer quickly every time!

  4. Thank you for fixing my computer problems & I really like monthly service on my PC.. It keeps my computer faster…Amanda really helped me last week..

  5. Thank you for the help (several times) on my computer. Your super services were great. Hope to continue having your help.

  6. Thanks to Newlite and Shivil you have kept my computers running at optimal speed and performance. Love this group. Thanks………..

  7. “Technician Rohan took care of my problems every time I contacted… very friendly and courteous.””
    Thank you Newlite Tech support.”

  8. Your [technician] was prompt, courteous, and remarkably efficient at finding the culprits and returning my system to high octane performance.

  9. The technician was able to repair my computer over the phone, which saved me from having to take the computer someplace to be fixed… saved money and time.

  10. Your people… were unbelievably helpful. They spent hours with me fixing my computer. I would highly recommend your service to everyone who needs technical phone support

  11. I have the best technician “Shivil” he is courteous, understanding and encouraging. He never makes me feel inadequate and I am a senior citizen that tries hard to grasp the technology. Thank You Newlite for the support you give.

  12. These technicians are the most dedicated and hard working people that I have seen in many years. I can’t say enough good things about [their] work ethic and knowledge.

  13. Newlite Tech Support was very helpful. Everyone that I spoke with was very nice and explained everything. I’m very happy.

  14. The technician was very adept and resourceful, employing many software tools to improve my computer’s performance. I have recommended this service to all of my friends

  15. Yes. I was very frustrated. I had homework to do and was experiencing problems. I called and several people helped. I had a brand new computer and new software so I would never have thought that there could be issues. The technician KATE was very professional and very nice – extremely through. I have not had any problems since… & I know that they are there for me

  16. Thank you for following through. I am new to your service, but my first experience was very positive.. I am NOT a Geek, age 88 and still learning. Please be patient with me when I have a problem. Thanks, Toni

  17. I could not have asked for better service than what I received from these guys. These guys know their stuff but haven’t forgot how to speak normally and not in computer speak. I kept the technician on line even after his shift was finished. They deserve all the praise I can give.

  18. Shivil has done a very good job at assiting me with issues I have had with my pc. I appreciate his time and his patience, as well as his skill. I would recommend this service to anyone, particularly those with young grandchildren who like to play on the keyboard!

  19. Newlite Tech Support solved a very severe problem. The personnel were extremely patient and helpful, throughout the entire operation

  20. This is a great company and a pleasure to do business with. They always been friendly and helpful. He explained to me what the issue was and got my console repaired as quickly as possible. I’ve always received great customer service from them and that’s the reason why I keep coming back.

  21. I love this company. Shivil is trustworthy and reliable and always willing to help. It is a little unnerving to let someone have access to your computer, but I trust Shivil completely. He always fixes my computer. In addition, my father uses Newlite and it is so helpful. For years, my Dad, who loves using the computer but doesn’t know how to keep it in shape, has been really getting it messed up. He would call one of his children to fix it and we would but it would be such a hassle. We tried putting all sorts of anti-viral software and protection services on it to prevent him from messing it up, but it just didn’t work. Now, once a month, no matter what crazy stuff my Dad has done, Shivil fixes his computer and it’s good as new. Not only has that helped my Dad, but me and my siblings. What Shivil does is really a great benefit and I appreciate Newlite very very much.

  22. Newlite tech support are the best IT resource around. They have helped me so many times fixing issues with my PC! I feel safe, because they always available to help

  23. Shivil is an awesome Tech with Newlite! I can’t say enough positive things about the service I have received thus far! He is Super Professional and Friendly and has gone beyond my expectations in delivering the best tech support service! I would recommend Newlite to anyone!

  24. I have had Newlite Tech service for over two months now & they have provided unbelievable service. The Rep for Newlite has been Shivil Kumar and I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate his dedication to his clients. He goes beyond to ensure our systems are up and running & spends a lot of time telling me the things to do & how to do them. He knows what he is doing & is very professional in every aspect!! He is so patient with me & I thank him for that (someone who knows little about the systems. & how they work). I feel so good knowing I have him (his company) to help me!!

  25. I had an excellent support from Amit. He repaired my Microsoft outlook & other computer problems.. I am happy that I can start working on my computer again…. THANK YOU…..

  26. My computer was running slower and slower! & I called your number got a tech on the line and he was beyond belief!! He connected to my PC and… by 5 pm it was like a new machine! He contacted me and was as respectful as any employee could be! He did his job well and is an asset to your company. Technician name – Ankur

  27. “I had been having a computer performance problem for over a year. Over time, a software technician combed through my computer and concluded the software was solid; that the problem existed in the hardware. I consulted a hardware technician. The hardware technician put my computer through shakedown tests and concluded the hardware was sound. Yet, the problem persisted.

    Weeks later, I called Comcast and asked to be disconnected so that I could work the problem on my own. I ended up talking with Shivil Kumar — a gentleman by every measure. Shivil referred me to Newlite Technical Service. Now, I didn’t get the name of the NewLite technician who took over from there; it may have been Shivil Kumar himself for all I know. Anyway, the Newlite technician was courteous and understanding of my problem; and he exuded confidence. He took over my machine and made it do tricks I never realize it could do. He worked my problem well over an hour with fantastic results . . . my machine is like new. Color me 100% satisfied.

    Robert O Cote

    P.S. -Glitch! The software technician who combed through my computer (first paragraph) fortuitously muted sounds for Office 2013, and for Encarta dictionary. The Newlite fix did not restore sounds much to my chagrin. But then again, I never did mentioned it to the Newlite technician. I just assumed sounds would return.”

  28. I am not very “techy”, but Shivil made it seem easy. Thanks for the excellent and fast service. Jim Simpson

  29. Sorry I am not happy with your service. When they went into my computer they always changed stuff that did not need to be changed. Background pic, Icons, I was not happy with their service.

  30. Extraordinary service provided by Shivil. He was both knowledgeable and patient with an 88 yr. old visually impaired lady. He helped me understand your “Word” program and cleaned up my PC. I am happy that I purchased your services. Courteous service is an asset to your operation. Thank you. Toni Molik

  31. “You folks ought to give Shivil Kumar a huge raise! He really helped me out a lot and was extremely patient with this old guy and super polite. Come to think of it, just go ahead and make him the CEO and be done with it. Thanks a million Shivil!
    Lou Ryder”

  32. I had a major problem on my computer and the technician Anket was able to resolve it on the first try. I would recommend Newlite support to anybody. Thank You

  33. ❤Your service is great and Mr. Parker you are sharp. I was a little leary when I first purchased the service, I thought that I was going to be a sucker and fall for the scam. Boy was I surprised. Mr. Parker spent several hours fixing my computer, I thought he might have gone home for lunch, but when he called me the computer worked great. Nice job. I would not be afraid to recommend this service to anyone. Thanks Mr. Parker and have a good December. Gary

  34. My computer seems to be working fine since you worked on it. I’ve been out of town for a few days and this is the first day I’ve been on it since coming home.

  35. My man Shivil was busy, so Edward helped me. He did an outstanding job. Your team seem to know me so I feel like they are part of my extended family. I can rely on their expertise and their friendly attitude.

  36. “Mr. Edward and his team deserve more than my thanks for all the work they had to do on my computer. He kept me focused when I was ready to give up… (throw the thing away!) He new that he could fix it and he did. A blessing to have this team to help me when things go wrong.
    5 stars and my unmeasured gratitude.”

  37. David was very patient with us because my husband and I aren’t “tech savvy”, He patiently explained terms he was using and made us understand the problems we were having. Our thanks for all the work he and his technical team had to do to our computer. It’s working fine !

  38. Every time I have called, I have received very professional help. My tech. is very knowable and friendly. Thank you.

  39. The power on/off icon (shortcut) was removed from the task bar on the start menu and I haven’t been able to add it back.

  40. Everything is working fine. Wish you could find the back up you made when you installed Windows 7 so I could have my old storage folder info back. Had several folders I especially want, i.e., Norway and personal friend folders. Thank you.

  41. I am still having difficulty watching Netflix movies, it wants to stop right in middle of show. As for the video shots like on You Tube, I hear sound but no picture. Do I need a different video player? I am out of town until the 4th of Sept.

  42. I appreciate the time your workers spent cleaning up my machine. The only issue I have is the hours, because both of us work we are never home in the time frame ya’ll are in the office to provide service. I would rather keep my machine in working order but it is just hard with your work hours. Other than that I am happy with your employees & the job they do!!

  43. The work you have done to keep my computers working at their best performance is outstanding. Thank you for being ready to help. I do wish that the monthly checks and cleaning could be done in less time. It takes 3-4 hours each time making it difficult for me to find the time to set aside for the checks.

  44. When I was up graded to windows eight, I don’t like it for my games, I lost the games I had but one, was told everything would return it did not. I do not like to play games on line, and I can not load my old games on my computer.

  45. When my HP printer again would not even print in black unless I replaced all of the color cartridges which I do not use but which must come into play somehow even with all black printing, I was told that you would again send me replacement color ink cartridges just so I can print in all black only. This “fix” is the only one possible since you could not find a way to print black only if any of the color cartridges are not full.


  47. Newlite fixed several problems with my mac and it has been running fine for 9 months and counting. Customer servive was outstanding

  48. I am very pleased with the response from your team. The problems I was having were all corrected with one call. Thanks.

  49. In trying to view some of YouTube, I find that I can only view say 4 minutes or so of a video that would normally run 10+ minutes.

  50. I am satisfied with your work. My computer is running much better. I will be calling soon with specific questions, however, I will be out of town for a week.


  52. Kevin has worked hard to accomplish satisfactory results. Will continue to ask for Kevin as he to keep my computer running top SPEED.

  53. “Your server has unexpectedly terminated the connection.” This is what I am getting when I am on my e-mail.

  54. Have to leave a message to get customer support- not acceptable at the price I paid for service to have to wait for an email from you.

  55. I got an email stating you fixed my computer issues, what issues did you fix? Why would you not state what was wrong as I didn’t know there was anything wrong with my computer. Also still waiting for a customer service agent to answer my call after waiting more than 30 minutes.

  56. “Very impressed with your company and your tech staff. For the most part a enjoyable experience. With that said, I would have the tech. dealing w/ your sys. ask in greater detail the tasks you ask and expect of your computer system before tech begins cleaning and deleting said apps. And once done you find yourself unable to perform some tasks that your system once did. I give the overall experience an A- and would recommend.
    L. Burton”

  57. Kevin is a well rounded professional individual, he is very cooperative, and knowledgeable about his craft.He has been very polite, thoughtful and smiled a lot in his voice.Thank you for your wonderful service, I am very satisfied with the way my computer❤is operating. 👍

  58. “Very happy so far with your service and your techs are great to deal with.  My computer is running much better now and I will be calling monthly as you suggest.  Thanks to Sean, Robin and Kevin.

  59. I am completely satisfied with the service I got.Kevin was polite and professional.He identified several issues I had with my system.My computer is operating much more efficiently since he worked on it.Thank  You!😁

  60. I’m very satisfied with the work done by Newlite. They were quick tgo identify the problems, repair or fix what had to be done and removed excess software and replaced the software with more up to date material. My computer is much faster and working more efficiently. Thanks to everyone at Newlife.  Joe

  61. I am very satisfied with your service  When I called yesterday, my call was returned very promptly and you answered my question regarding my laptop.  Thank you very much for your prompt service and friendly attitude.👍

  62. Service was very helpful and enlightening;  Mr. Sean Parker was knowledgeable, interested, and devoted to solving my issue.  Many thanks for your assistance.👍

  63. hi Varun sorry for delay every thing seems  to be normal again was worried at length of time it took for 2nd PC  only sad part was didn’t know that payment was in US funds a bad rate for us in Canada live and learn thank you for yourtime “

  64. Your technicians are all fine gentlemen and good at what they do. I am partial to Kevin Howard. He not only does a terrific computer job but tweaks the computer the way I want it. He has added short cuts to help. Kevin is very good at explaining and showing me what has happened

  65. your service for updating my computer was very well done  the only problem that I have is that your billing department sent me a e-mail calling me guanine placenti  for my refund and  also I think your are overcharging me to much for a 1 year contract of $ 200.00 dollars  when  a 3 year  contract $ 300.00 dollars      a reply would be appreciated  Lucien brisbois

  66. I have experienced some tough computer issues that have been difficult for anyone to resolve. Newlite, and Kevin as of late, have done a great job solving those issues, and keeping my systems running as they should. Thank you👍

  67. We are very happy with the service thus far.  Kevin has been our tech and he’s wonderful sorting through my non technical way of telling him what I need.  Somehow, he understands me. lol 👍

  68. PLEASE STOP CALLING ME.  There is something wrong with calling me 20 times a month and every time something else is wrong and I need to pay a few hundred per month.  I don’t want to use your service anymore.  Thank you.

  69. “Hi Steve,
    Yes, we are very happy with your service.  The computer is working real well.  Mahalo and Aloha”

  70. I thank you a dozen times every time you help clean and load my computer. I am appreciative every time. Thank you again.

  71. I continue to be satisfied with Newlite tech support and will recommend you to my friends! Kevin has been very helpful and I think I would be lost without his expertise! He is truly a top notch tech!

  72. I was very pleased with the way Shivel took care of my problems. He cleared everything up in a very timely manner, and with no frustrations on my part. He was great!!

  73. I do not want you working on my computer…again I ask you to cancel my service and give me a rebatellll  Robert Lauthain

  74. couldnt get screen up..only had a blank screen. your tech fixed it quickly. thanks heavens you geeks are around.Ada

  75. You spent so much time controlling my computer ? I was really concerned & apprehensive if I had fallen Victim to one of these “scams” that we are constantly being warned about ?? 24 Hours later ,it appears you have done everything you promised to do !! Thanks Harry !👍


  77. You recently charged me $200 for new security software for my Dell desktop computer. I would like to transfer the software to include myKindle Fire HD7 (4th generation). serial # 0092 0606 4396 08A5 so that both devices are covered.

  78. The technician did fixed the problems.  It was working fine after. But for some reason, I am encountering some issues again. Will need your services again.

  79. Frankly, Newlite (Kevin) saved the day for me and my significant computer dilemma. He installed Windows 10 and my laptop acts like a totally new machine and now truly well-protected.

  80. I thank these technicians time and time again when they help me with a problem or guide me to the right solutions, as I am not a computer genius.

  81. Kevin did a very fine job on my computer and one of the main things is he is very courteous and kind. Thanks for employing a man such as Kevin.

  82. I think your service is outstanding. Don’t have time to resolve anything today but maybe later in the week. Since upgrading to Windows 10, it seems like my screen jumps around a lot (large print, then small etc.) and I can’t find the regular internet. Mostly its okay.

  83. as always your tech’s are the best I was on holiday so they did a two month cleanup when my pc was finished it was super fast I couldn’t be more satisfied thanx

  84. Since I downloaded windows 10 I am unable to scan from my printer/scanner to the computer. If you can correct this please call me.Tues. after 1 p.m. e.s.t.Thanks

  85. I appreciate the help you are giving me and I am still working on my new QUIKBOOKS THAT YOU ARE HELPING ME WITH !It is a work in progress and I will be contacting for more help!

  86. My name is Anna Cochran. Kevin has been absolutely fantastic. I got into trouble last week. He saved me. When got another virus notice, I did not hesitate to call you.   Luckily Kevin answered the call. Once again he fixed the problem. It was really messed up this time. Oh, but I remembered last week and I hopped right on the phone. It took him a while but when he was finished he called and made sure everything was okay. More so I am impressed that I know tomorrow Thursday someone will call and check to see if everything is okay.   Thank you so very much your service is worth every penny.

  87. “I was very pleased with your service. I like Mozilla Firefox.  The problem was a paper jam in my printer.However, I am pleased you cleaned up my computer.Thank you for helping.

  88. Need to hire or clone Kevin Howard. He not only is a computer whiz but is a personable young man. Kevin keeps me in top condition.

  89. I was so relieved when David informed me that he would take care of my viruses and secure my computer once again. Many thanks David!!

  90. Thank you for your help in cleaning up my computer and being there for me when I need help..Thanks for the great service. r the great service

  91. think u guys do a great job, am pleased with my computer , and windows 10,everything is fine now …. I had a lot of viruses thank u lloyd

  92. Computer is working fine. I am interested in hiring a service that protects me in advance against malware, worms, etc. Do you do that? Or do you just repair it after its infected? 😃

  93. You guys are awesome! Thank you so much for your help and especially the patience your staff exemplified when my computer went kaput just as I was heading out of town. I am so thankful for everyone who tried to accommodate me in my circumstances at the time. Mahalo nui loa (hawaiian for thank you very much) for a great staff and great job. All is well now.Normalynn Te’o

  94. I am very happy with the service you gave me. Every person I spoke with on the phone was polite and patient, Thank you so much for your help! My computer is working great since you fixed it.

  95. Other than a little expensive, I am happy with the service!!  I still don’t know it happened that I needed the service??

  96. Still best ever. My old computer is working like new. You have saved me from every problem I have had. I am so happy to have all of you…You’re the greatest!„

  97. my computer is working well thank you only I don’t understand way every time it gets serviced they find viruses even wen I am not using it I like t know

  98. “you didn’t fix anything and I have tried to cancel with you so PLEASE!!!! CANCEL ANYTHING YOU HAVE THAT HAS TO DO WITH ME!!!!!

  99. My lap top(P.C) was working fine since you fixed; it is not freeze up like before,but sometime the internet’s cable needs to be secured(reset) because it is disconnected.

  100. You guys are great, things are going great. It’s good to know that you can just call someone and get help. Whatever I screw up I know I can call you and straighten my mistakes out. Very good, and thanks. Gary

  101. I do appreciate the quick action to solve my Problems and yes things are working fine again , thanks  a feel good experience.

  102. i want a refund of $276.09 you guys only fixed my computer when i was talking to you–the minute you got my signature the computer was screwed up again–you have until dec.14 to give me a full refund–the invoice didn’t tell me that there was no refund,i got a new computer–my last 4 no’s of my old m/c is1340–oh i got a new m/c also

  103. It is very slow and I can’t get into my e-mail at times. Sometimes part of my screen is blocked by a white square and I don’t know how to get rid of it.

  104. Still working on procedure to set same password for all programs ! Also want to add QUICK BOOKS pro 2016 to computer ! Technician has been good and very patient in trying to teach me !

  105. It is very comforting to know that you are as close as a phone call to help me when I need help. Kevin has been especially helpful when I call. Yes, I am satisfied with you service and will not hesitate to recommend. At current time all is well.

  106. Like always the NEWLITE technician did my monthly check and also guided me to get back my sound which was an error on my part. I appreciate their help.

  107. as usual my monthly pc cleanup went great!! the speed pickup was very noticefull after the tech gave me back my computer all their service techs are TOP OF THE LINE

  108. Dear Newlite, I am happy with your service but less so with your customer education. I would like to know what I can do to prevent my “re-infecton with virus/worms/malware, etc. For example, I keep getting pop ups to down load the LATEST VERSION of Adobe acrobat. I have previously arranged for automatic downloads and I wonder if this is a “trap”? Same question with Java (offer for the LATEST VERSION)?  Any other things I should not do????? I know there is no full proof method but any suggestions would be appreciated.   Dan😮

  109. Everything is working fine, thank you very much. I enjoyed working with your team, they explained everything they were doing and solved the issue.

  110. Your techs are very good, I just wish they had offered me the Windows ten at first instead on eight, and I would not have had tow pay twice in a few months.  I would recommend Newlite for the protection of their computer.

  111. I don’t know if you received my last comment. It’s working fine, like I said before, I wish they had offered me the 10 at first then I wouldn’t have paid twice. Every one have a happy Holiday.

  112. I am very pleased with your service and wished I had know about you before I bought this PC.  Like others I bought a service agreement from the store which I now believe was worthless.  I doubt very seriously that they could have done the job that Mr. Parker did.  I am very very pleased with his work and the way he explained things to me was the best.  He is worth very penny I paid for the years subscr😄iption for your services.

  113. I have tried several services in the past. Most were very disappointing. I reported a couple to BBB . Newlite is far ahead of service and the techs listened to me and my concerns and were caring and friendly in the servicing of my computer. I will not talk to any other computer in the future.  I was naive before but I am now in the know thanks to Newlite.👍❤😁😄

  114. Had to leave and when I came home there was a note from Kevin.  I checked everything out and, as usual, all is well.  Thank you!Doug

  115. “You said you would do full review on a regular basis in the evening or nighttime time frame and computer seems to be slower and
    needs to be checked for virus activity ! could you do this full check up tonight !? I am having problems with WI FI ACCESS POINTS


  117. I called yesterday [2-16] and asked for a computer check up. Your response was immediate and after explaining some of my problems you tech went to work a did a total house cleaning.  He addressed and solved all of my known problems. The computer is now running great.  I am very pleased.  Keep up the good work.

  118. I would like to thank Newlite, especially David, who personally took an extraordinary amount of time to insure my laptop was running efficiently. I have never witnessed such devotion to the health of my computer and look forward to working without the viruses he disposed of. I enjoy working with true professionals who are devoted to your needs and remain in contact with you throughout the whole process. Finally, I got what I paid for. Great work!

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