How to fix printer offline mode ?

For a generation totally dependent on technology for its daily tasks and activities, it’s almost difficult to sustain for an hour being isolated from computers, mobiles, and other electronic devices. Having said that, if you look deeper printers have also established their position in this era of technology which is used in each and every field of businesses. It doesn’t matter whether you are working for a multinational company or running a small start-up or running home office, printers are the one that will always find their find to get into your life. Even if you are not into any business, printers are used for bringing the general task’s productivity into a standstill.

But, what happens when you are reluctant to use such technology? What if you wanted to print out an important document, but your printer says its offline, and you can’t spend time in searching for a printing shop? Would you search for fix printer offline and will put yourself into another dilemma to choose the right printer offline help? Well, you can’t do that. But, you can bring printer online if you calm yourself and read the each and every step provided in the article to turn printer online & to know how to fix printer offline. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for wireless printer offline fix or a general printer offline fix; it doesn’t matter whether you want to fix windows 10 printer offline or fix windows 7 printer offline. You just need to follow these simple printer offline help steps to troubleshoot printer offline mode and to bring printer online. So can we start?


How to troubleshoot or fix printer offline?

Before moving to any complex printer offline help, one must always check at the lowest level. It is always good to start with simplicity and then moving toward a big picture gradually if the former doesn’t help. Who knows you might be just dealing with paper jam or may be with a low toner cartridge. The troubleshooting starts from looking the printer’s condition at that position. The console of the printer, the LCD screen, take a glance at them, what message they are showing. The basic problems and reason of your offline printer will be displayed, if any. If you still find it in the offline printer mode, then try disconnecting the printer completely, unplugging and resetting for that matter, and then switch it on after few minutes to check whether it has bring printer online or not.


Review loose cable/network connection

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The problem can interfere even with the direct connection between your computer and printer. It could be a loosened cable or it could be the poor quality of the connection. This may be due to relocation of your printer and computer and hence you would need to check with the printer connection with the computer or wireless network.

For a wireless printer offline fix, you must check the disruption network is making for printer connectivity. Just like a wired printer as discussed above, try resetting the router. You don’t need to interfere with the setting of the routers, just unplug the main switch which is providing the power to the router. The problem could be with the power outage which temporarily disrupt the network, and rebooting will bring printer online.


Review SNMP


The SNMP bug has found to interfere with almost every version of Windows, which is due to enabling of SNMP making intermittent offline and online problem with the printer. The protocol SNMP sends log information for troubleshooting to different kind of sources, and when the response is not perfect, it assume offline printer mode. The SNMP is not of much use when you are using your printer for general use in your home. So the simplest solution would be to disable the SNMP. The SNMP can be configured by unchecking the SNMP status box from the printer properties in the port section.

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So these were some of ways for fixing printer offline problem. If the issue is still unsolved, then you may connect us for printer support.  Or can talk to our certified Professionals on Toll free number 1-800-439-5196


  1. i am getting error code 30 while using the printer and also unable to make a print with my printer. I install the driver and make all the setup but the printer shows the error message “printer not activated”. what kind of this error is about?

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