how to stop pop up ads on chrome ?

Pop-ups are a form of advertisements which appears as a small Window on another Window (already open) of Webpage. It may take your email-address or increase the traffic on a particular web page. Hence, Pop-ups are generally the form of advertisements on Web. It may vary in size or shape but that depends from product to product.

Adds on Chrome may sometimes create a problem for the user as adds on chrome may appear from time to time and restrict the user from concentrating on any particular work. And therefore:

  • This is the reason why pop-up add need to be stopped. So, there is a proper way to do that. Firstly check if Computer Repair is needed or not.
  • The reason is that good Computer repair options make your Computer system work relative to Chrome. Irrespective of this, there are four options to stop pop-up add on Chrome.

First of all you need to click on the upper right corner of the Chrome (icon which is at left to the bookmark icon i.e. star). After clicking, select Settings from all options.

  • Now you need to click on Show Advanced Settings. This is the option that will allow us to block the pop-ups. This all comes under technical category of Laptop display or Laptop repair option, so it can also be looked into as an alternative option. It even becomes integral in different circumstances as the Chrome would appear in the same way as it does so the Location of the option will always be same. This link is present at the bottom.

Now you got to scroll to Privacy Header so as to continue the process. This start the Technical support in the process. So, on opening of Privacy Header you come across all the Technical support options that may be related to the same problem. But you need click on Content Settings button. This will open an another window at your screen which will be the Last Window of the Process. Firstly you need to scroll down that Window little bit until you see the Pop-ups option.

Last Screen in the Process

Under pop-ups option on this Window, there is an option which says “Do not allow any site to show pop-ups”.

  • This option is the PC support of the Google chrome and it needs to be selected.If it is not selected, then select this option.
  • This completes the process of blocking the pop-ups that appear in Chrome. It is a simple process of four steps and involves the complete option of removing that PC support that was available for introducing pop-ups. And hence it completes the process.

This problem of pop-ups can be a big one for a non-informative user and hence he may require an external option to solve his issue. Thereby using Fix my Computer module. It will clearly explain the whole process in an easy language. So, the user can always use Fix my Computer option. And hence eliminating the pop-ups problem. This can even be looked onto chrome for more informative process (including images or attached videos along with different informative links).

This whole process will eliminate the pop-ups from appearing again and again. You can even control which sites you have allowed. And even if you any such problem or want any other such information then you can always choose Newlite IT Solutions for solving your problem.

If you still having the issue, you can call Newlite Technical  Services on 1-800-439-5196 Our certified experts will guide you to solve your issue.

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