MacOS Sierra update fixes significant issues regarding graphics and battery time display

Apple recently launched an update on the MacOS Sierra in response to their clients continuous complaints about the battery time remaining issue that displays the wrong estimation and the graphics problems that were observed on late-2016 MacBook Pro computers.

Company’s officials expect this update as a solution to the graphics problem. Also they have now removed the “time remaining” display from the menu bar, stating that the time displayed was not accurate and thus it is not a good way to represent.

Battery Life Display Issue

The complaints regarding the battery life issue about the 2016 MacBook Pro devices are great in number. The users discussed this matter at internet forums like Reddit and many reported the issue to the supporting communities. All these things lead the Apple officials to take a step and that is why they decided to remove the feature of batter life display. Although it is expected that this move from the company is mainly to silent their criticizer. But on a greater scale it is a well thought decision because of the fact that it comes at the stake of the company to provide wrong information to its user.

Graphics related Problems

Graphic problem was one other issue that was causing problems to its users. It was found that many users have registered complaints regarding the graphic issues such as “flickering, fullscreen checkerboard patterns, screen tearing and many other visual problems” reported by MacRumors last month. It was speculated that these issues are related to the hardware but they are fixed by the software. This new update addresses the graphical issues on MacBook Pro models.

iCloud Confusion

Another significant change that has been done in this new Sierra update is the messaging around iCloud syncing. There was not as such complaints regarding this but it was observed that people were often getting confused in iCloud syncing process. The issue was regarding the synchronization process that is when you turn on the iCloud syncing after enabling it on any other different Mac, the operating system Sierra creates a new folder on iCloud containing the desktop as well as the document files. However it moves the files from your desktop to this new folder. Thus to the end user it looks like as if the files from the desktops has been removed or are disappeared and thus misleading them. So in regard with this problem this new Sierra update would rewords the messaging so that it will look less alarming to its users.

One other significant change that this new update contains is the feature that deletes the files if needed so as to free up some space in hard drive if they have already been backed up on the iCloud.

Some more changes observed in the Sierra update are –

  • Earlier in 2016 the system Integrity Protection feature was disabled in MacBook Pro. This issue has been fixed.

  • Auto Unlock features setup and reliability has been improved

  • The Safari extension that prevented the downloading of it outside the Safari Extensions Gallery has been fixed


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