How to remove Fake tech support pop ups from your PC with our Experts

Nowadays there are so many companies who are doing scam with lot of people by sending fake pop ups on their computer screens.

These pop ups comes up when you click on any advertisement or if you download any advertising program just by mistake.  These pop ups simply stuck in your browser and give you fake warnings that your computer is infected and force you to call on their support number.

Example Image:

But you no need to worry as I already mentioned that it’s a fake pop up and not necessary to call on any number provided on your computer screen.

There are two type of pop ups. Some pop ups comes through online advertisement and stuck your browser. Some of them comes through a software which you may have downloaded in your PC.

In both cases they will block your screen but you can easily close them out. Simply

Press Alt, CLTR & DELETE at same time. Once you do that then you will see a screen where you can choose option Start Task Manager.

Task manager is tool which shows you the list of current running services in your PC and let you close them easily.

See the image below.

Once you click on start task manager then you will see a Task manager window. Where you can see current running programs in your computer.

As you are stuck on your browser so you must have browsers applications running in task manager. Simply make a right click on them and click on End task. Do this until you close all your browser programs.  It will remove pop ups and let you use your computer again.

But still we recommend to call any computer repair company who can check your computer for potential threats and programs which may cause of sending pop ups on your computer screen.

There are several computer repair company who may support. We recommend to contact NEWLITE as they are best in providing computer repair solutions instantly.

Hope this will be helpful for you..

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