Steps to upgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 10

Windows 10 is the most powerful PC operating system that comes with a new Start menu and multitude of other improvements as well. If you have a legitimate copy of Windows 8, then you can upgrade to Windows 10 for free! Isn’t it really interesting?

In order to upgrade Windows 8 to Windows 10, you should proudly say that I can fix my computer system! No need to go to a computer repair shop for technical support of any kind. All you need is patience, as running the Operating System upgrade takes some time.

To be assured that Windows 10 upgrades without any issue, you should backup your data files beforehand. This could be done by backing the files on any cloud service too, but doing a full system backup is recommended. For the same, you can consider disk imagining software such as macrium Reflect.

Once the backup is done, be ready for running the installation process that can take up to 2 hours- given the internet speed is good. You need to create a USB install disk that you can use for the upgrade of Windows 10. Carry the download process as follows:

1. Open the link: for direct download and click on the “Download Tool now “button and launch the Download Tool further!

2. You will find two options on the screen, asking you about what you really want to do? Here you can select on Create Installation media for another PC- to install for multiple computers including the current computer you are working on. If you want to install right away in your computer then click on “Upgrade this PC now.”

3. After accepting on the license terms, you should keep waiting as the system takes is continuously looking for updates. Next a screen will appear where you need to click on the Install button. During this process, there will be a reboot done several times. Keep following the steps which come afterwards and Windows 10 will be ready to install. The setup shall be complete after a login screen of Windows is visible.

This technical support shall work for you, but if you are still now satisfied then it is better to reach the Newlite team over phone. The very thought which comes to you, which says-“I want to fix my computer”; you are right, that for little issues you need not step out of your home! Upgrade Windows 10 from Windows 8, using the PC support advice we have given- and enjoy using the high-performance operating system! In the technology age, you should use the best available technology, as it is in the reach too!

At Newlite, we understand that small computer repair/laptop repair issues can become worrisome, but they are not that trouble seeking, really! For PC support or laptop repair, you can give a call at the efficient team at Newlite on the number, 1.800.439.5196 at any hour of the day.

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