Ways To Get Rid Of Pop-ups Tech Support Scams In Windows

Pop-ups have been on increase nowadays and the reason behind this is the increasing strength of Hackers. There has been numerous number of cases in which users have been cheated by the third parties in the name of legal assistance. The most fearful point of aspect about these unethical hacking is that they prove out to be difficult to stop once started.

Even there are more of such cases when the pop-ups will act as more reliable ones. This will happen when your Computer will already be struggling and you may be requiring a Computer Repair. At these times you Windows will show you these pop-ups and so they may seem to be more reliable so as to assist you. But these will actually be the fake ones and hence you will be caught in the trap of Hackers. Thus, requiring a Computer Repair.

Some of the Methods to deal with these:

These scams will mostly be running an active script which will be connected to the browser and observing it. This active script arise a fake window whenever the user clicks on any particular button or on OK button. You can then:

  • Click Right on the Taskbar
  • Task Manager Option will appear. Select it.
  • Browser app> End Task button

Installation of any Antimalware program also helps.

These options can save your Laptop from Laptop repair and hence give a sense of protection to it. Also Laptop repair may then not be required for a long time.

A General Method

Most of the users will search out of for Technical support in such cases as they expect Technical support to be their sole help centre. But these can also be seen as an alternative help for the following method:

  • For any such problem when the system gets hacked you can install some of the best Anti malware programs like HitmanPro or Spy bot.
  •  Perform scan with your system using any of the 3 Anti malware programs.
  • This will most probably remove any kind of unwanted software from the system and protect the system from future risks.
  •  Also take care of an important PC support tip i.e., to uninstall previous Anti-hacking programs before installing new ones. This is also included in Fix my Computer module.


PC support is not much helpful for removing the problem from its root. It may need some external Technical support or Fix my Computer option to totally eliminate the problem. Also there are some of the common Telephone numbers which appear on the Screens so as to hack the users as well as the systems.So, the users are advised to always have a look on these numbers and beware of them. And if you ever face such problems or any kind of such problem like the hanging of your operating system or hacking of the system then Newlite Technical services can be your sole companion to assist you in these conditions.

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