Why does your Computer hang? What can you do to prevent it?

There may be a variety of reasons why your computer freezes or hangs. While the reasons can be named, the underlying problems which are generally the root cause of these computer mishaps should be taken care of. Fortunately, you have quite a few resources available to you to begin troubleshooting your computer issues.

What happens when a computer hangs?

A computer or laptop is considered to have hanged or frozen when it is completely unresponsive. You won’t be able to make any changes or input any actions in an unresponsive state. Most of the computer repair or laptop repair requests stem from this problem. While a lot of reasons of your computer hanging can be resolved by you, you should ask for technical support when the issue is more serious.

Reason 1 – Your computer is multi-tasking

Typically, the primary reason your computer or laptop crashes/hangs is because the computer is simply trying to perform too many tasks simultaneously. For example, say you’re using several applications which use up your computer’s RAM. There might be some applications which would be trying to use the memory of some other applications, but your computer operating system won’t allow this. This can then hang your system.

Reason 2 –Bugs in Device Drivers

Some device drivers may come with bugs, which then installed in your computer or laptop can make it perform slower than usual and eventually freeze it.

Reason 3 – Your Computer is overheated

If your computer is getting over heated, it could cause it to hang. Sometimes, before calling for pc support, we must first ensure that all the vents on your computer are cleaned off dust, and make sure that the fan is spinning.

Reason 4 – Your hard disk is not defragmented

When your system hard disk becomes too fragmented, your laptop will begin to hang. It may then may not be a case of computer repair or laptop repair and may just get resolved by defragmenting the disk.

Reason 5 –The Computer Processor is failing

This is one of the least likely reason for your computer to hang; but can be very serious if it happens. When this happens, you immediately need to call for pc support or technical support without delay.

What do you do when your Computer Hangs?

Whatever the reason, there are few steps you need to take till you either resolve the issue or take it for computer repair.

1. Close the program/s which are offending the system through the task manager

2. If that doesn’t help, hard-boot your system

3. Check the temperature of the laptop, by touching the chassis

4. Do the visual inspection of the vents to see if it is clogged or blocked

5. Move your computer to a properly ventilated area to enable free movement of air.

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